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What Can I Do With Old Audio Cassette?


March 2, 2023

12 Unique ways to use your old audio cassette


Audio cassettes hold some of the sweetest memories from the past. Each cassette is special to us, and we understand that you don't want them to end up in the garbage. The cassette tape has toxic materials that are harmful to the environment. So here's what we are going to do. Below are some of the best ways to use your old audio cassette:


1. Audio Cassette Succulent Planter


The cassettes have been termed electronic waste, and disposing of them is difficult. So what to do now? One can make better use of their old audio cassette by creating little colorful planters. Indoor plants give the room a beautiful, Bohemian touch, and the succulents help purify the atmosphere. The planter will give a retro look to your room. Additionally, the DIY cassette planter will be highly cost-effective as you wouldn't need to purchase it and will fill in the little spaces in your room. You will require some hot glue, paint, four to five audio cassette tapes, and a creative mind; you can build your own little retro audio cassette planter.

2. Cute Tape Pom-Poms

Pom-poms are cute little decorative elements that could add to the overall look of your interior. Those who used audio cassettes in the past know that one of the most important elements of a cassette is the long sleek film within. Audio cassette films are particularly harmful to the environment. The film has toxic metal oxides coated on polyester that would cause soil pollution. Here is a way to make use of the thin cassette film… You can take out the film from the cassette and turn them into little pom-poms by making a ball of the film. This way, you can use the film to hang on the wall, decorate your room, and make good use of the audio cassette film.

3. Cassette Pencil Holder


The type of plastic used to make the shell of an audio cassette is highly toxic. Thus it is almost impossible to throw them out, even if you have overcome the nostalgia. One of the most useful ways to recycle these audio cassettes is by making a pencil holder. Along with giving a beautiful look to the room, cassette pencil holders come extremely handy for several purposes. For instance, you could use the holder to keep all your important stationary in one place. The DIY process of making a tape pencil holder is quite simple! All you need to do is fix a few cassette tapes into a cube to store all the important stationery items.

4. Digitizing Audio Cassette


This is one of the most common ways to preserve your memories of the audio cassette. With the help of technology, you can store the content from the cassette. Later you could dispose of the cassette or recycle it to build something new for your home. Digitizing audio cassettes has also proven to be useful in storing the audio without having to keep the bulky tapes dumped in a corner. You can send the tapes to an e-commerce company, where your tape will be converted to a digital download. You could load the songs in your drive or even on a CD. So, before you recycle those audio cassettes, get them digitized at the earliest!

5. Smartphone Stand


In this fast-paced world, almost everyone owns a smartphone, and this unique idea will help you make a stand for your smartphone. The hard case of an audio cassette is made of plastic, and we know how this non-biodegradable material would impact the environment. Hence to save the environment and save your favorite cassette, you can build a smartphone stand with the cover. You can stick the audio cassette tape box to a cardboard base horizontally. You could add some design to the plastic box to make it look more colorful. What are you waiting for? Build your smartphone stand today!

6. Wall Art


This is a fun concept to try at home. Wall art enhances the look of the interior, and cassette wall art would make it more budget-friendly. Making a cassette tape wall art is very easy. Walk to the nearest stationery store and get a canvas, paint, and a finishing spray. Please select an appropriate size for your canvas by placing the cassettes on it. Now, you can paint the cassettes and stick them on the canvas how you want the design to look. Finally, spray onto the canvas to set the color on the cassette to finish the look. All you have to do now is put the canvas on a wall, and there you go! Try this new DIY concept on your wall today!

7. Little Faces


Audio cassettes can be reused to make cute little faces that would lie around in your room. Most of the things you will learn to make in this blog are functional and helpful to people. But, this craft is for decorating purposes mostly, and it is okay to be silly sometimes! It is better to preserve your cassettes than give them to thrift stores. You can turn your favorite cassette tapes into adorable sets of little faces. You could buy some spray paint, artificial wobbly eyes, woolen pom poms, etc., from the nearest craft shop. Take each cassette and decorate them with little faces. However, you would like to. In this way, you can recycle and reuse your audio cassettes.

8. As a Gift Top


There are times when we cannot think of the perfect present to give to our loved ones. Even when we do, much confusion arises about what to use as a wrapper. Is your friend typically fond of old audio cassettes, much like you? If yes, this would be a perfect way to present her gift. Along with ensuring that the polyester-coated cassette tape cover doesn't harm your environment, you could give your friend a pleasant surprise with this DIY craft. You can purchase art-themed or musical notes-themed wrapping paper to wrap the cassette tape box. Tie the gift with a ribbon and give it to your friend who misses listening to music on an audio cassette.

9. As a Purse


This DIY method of turning your old cassette into a purse is a winner among women. Besides upgrading your casual look, this audio cassette purse is highly cost-effective. You can store your daily necessities in this cute little purse, which is also helpful in saving space compared to an actual purse. Additionally, you will be making a positive impact on the environment by reusing your old cassette tape. It also promotes sustainable fashion. You can use creativity to design your audio cassette purse using some used cloth pieces, etc.

10. Business Card Holder


This idea is great for showing off your art skills. You can build the perfect cassette holder for storing your business cards. This would help save space and money, and you won't have to purchase leather wallets responsible for deforestation and global warming. So, you will be saving the environment by not disposing of the plastic cassette holder and by not purchasing leather. To make the cardholder, you will have to detach the cassette and remove everything inside the tape to make space to store the cards. It's time to show off your handmade business card holder!

11. Gift Card Holder


Another idea for a card holder! This time, it isn't for carrying your business cards. It is for gifting purposes. Everyone loves gift cards. Gift cards give one the freedom to buy presents of their choice according to their time. Preserve an audio cassette by gifting it to a friend who loves cassettes and antique elements.


Along with showcasing your thoughtfulness, the idea saves time and money. Additionally, you won't have to purchase a leather item responsible for deforestation and the emission of harmful greenhouse gasses. You can decorate the cassette with appropriate elements like a shimmer of gold and black or with some cute wrapping paper.

12. Chalk Holder


The covers of the audio cassette tapes are not easy to dispose of. They sit in landfills and contribute to soil pollution. We can turn these boxes into something useful for storage purposes. You can keep chalks of various sizes and colors in this small box. You could stick the surface of the cover on a base and hang it on a wall. This way, you could keep other necessary items like keys in the box. Try out this amazing idea today!

The use of audio cassettes dates back to the late 70s. Yet today, after so many years, we are trying to find ways to preserve the collection. Apart from our above-suggested methods, you can make other DIY crafts using the cassettes. I hope this blog helped you answer the queries about how you could preserve your big old collection of audio cassettes. And if not you could just listen to them with a cassette player !

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